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RadioShack, formerly RadioShack Corporation, is the trade name of an American retailer founded in 1921. Since 2017, General Wireless Operations Inc. has licensed the name from General Wireless IP Holdings LLC, in which Kensington Capital Holdings owns a majority stake. RadioShack operates primarily as an e-commerce website, a network of approximately 500 independently owned authorized dealer stores, and as a supplier of parts for HobbyTown.

Back in April 2020 an angry customer called Leila G. posted a review for SITEJABBER about her bad experience at RadioShack store:“ Awful service. I will not recommend it to anyone to use. I received a damaged camera and couldn't exchange it due to the store policy.


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Former Employee - Associate says

"Everything from hiring outside upper management who has no idea what goes on in store. Losing core customers to push cell phone and cheaply made overpriced electronics. Stopping or limiting bread and butter items adapters and cords to make space cheap electronics. Hiring incompetent rude employees who had no technical knowledge. Employees who would blow off helping customers, that were not tied to a cell phones, because thats the only way to make real commission money, while getting paid $8/hr. T he 6 things your supposed to ask and up sell, every single transaction including phone number. Upper management gets mad when you cant sell 18 basic alkline batteries for 15.99, everything is put into metrics for you to get yelled at every week. I hate radioshack im glad the business has gone under, typical failed clueless executives, very similar to the exit blockbuster."

Current Employee - Sales Associate says

"tons of work to be done and no job security"

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Company was closed down indefinitely"

Former Employee - IT Specialist says

"salaries were not competitive, work culture shifted based on teams, some were slow, some fast."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"They closed permanently with only a 2 week notice."

Former Employee - Sales says

"No work life balance. Upper managment see you as easily replaceable. They yell and curse."

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"Manager takes over all to commissioned sales"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Upper management lied about the store closing soon"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"Hours were long, pay was low, high pressure sales."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"manager has a vision of what he wants but is frustrated when he cant reach it. will allegedly steal commission from you"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worked for RadioShack for three years, and it was hands down the worst work experience I have ever had. Management was a joke, where higher-ups don't care how you're treated-- they only care if you hit their sales metrics. Customers are often rude, demanding and entitled.Discounted cellphone plansManagement, customers, sales metrics, support from management is non-existent"

Senior Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Working at radio shack was terrible i was over worked and u see paid. There is no work life balance mgmnt had to work minimum 55 hours but it was more like 70There is nothingBad pay the regional manager was a poor leader and extremely rude"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was an assistant manager for RadioShack. I started training at one store and was moved to another store to help "revamp" it to the store it once was. Sparing a lot of the details from my personal experience I'll just say that the environment was very cutthroat and stressful. After all the work we did most of the employees either were terminated or left in fear of termination including my manager who jumped ship, just so the regional managers could bring in new talent."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"i was hired only a short while before the company went bankrupt. Since, the company does not exist as far as i know, i don't really have anything pertinent to say about my experience there. i am going to miss the company though"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Cool DIY electronics concepts lost identity as a store became about cell phone plans and accessories rather than remaining true to themselves. Sold out as most companies do instead of adapting to modern technologies while incorporating there own pre existing store premises and lore. Another victim of cellular telecommunication"

asesor de ventas (Current Employee) says

"Mal trato , mucha envidia de gerencia y sub , distritales malos , horarios malos , no respetan horas de comida , el sueldo no es el que dicen , pésimo"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They sucked no communication cut my hour fir no reasonable explanation and could not earn my hours back abd when i put in my two weeks if resignation they letme go immediately"

Retail Manager and Retail Associate (Former Employee) says

"Radio Shack has gone down in business. I think that there are still a few stores open. No future. It was great fun working with the public. The pay was pretty good but the hours were awful, no life-work balance."

Retail store manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a very good place to work. Horrible management team. The management of the company is the reason for its bankruptcy. Pay is horrible and not conclusive."

Accounting Assistant - Fleet Services & Risk Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Put in over 30 years with this company only for it to go out of business leaving thousands of people without jobs. We were not kept up to date a about status of employment.NoneNone"

Senior Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great place to work when they were open , always enjoyed my work there but again they closed and filled chapter 11 , it will be missed Business is close"

SALES ASSOCIATE (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management, horrible Regional manager who was dating a store manager on the side while cheating on his wife. Yet somehow that manager had preferencial treatment, I am glad it went down in flames"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company once was great. To the point employees wouldn't leave. But it lost it's way. Treated employees like waste product. Every few months found a way to pay employees less and became soul-less.Not muchAlmost everything"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"You won't likely find employment with this company any longer. Was a fun job however. They spread themselves too thin in my opinion and got too far away from what they had become known for."

manager (Former Employee) says

"it was a nightmare to work for them. They didn't pay you for overtime, they didn't provide your store with necessary equipment, they requested you to spend personal finances traveling all over with no form of reimbursement except a lengthy and complicated paper filing form. it was disgusting"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Although i did not like the environment of radio shack if the company was still around i would have recommended that job for anyone who was really into technology"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"The last year I worked there it was all about damage control for liquidation. Nothing made sense for employees. District managers were leaving like wild fire.Good compensation at one pointtoo much to list"

Store Manager at Store (Former Employee) says

"Working with Radio Shack was well worth experience. It focus me on which taking a management role and understanding the product knowledge of different gadgets within the company. I really didn't like my location where I was at because I always had to fear for my life sometimes. But on good side I love working with co-workers I had and allgreat benefits and commissionwas salary and I should had it where location was terrible and not very knowledge of a company"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor management and business structure was the demise. Trying to sell a product at a marked loss to barely break even unless other items are purchased. More often then not your sales broke even.CommissionEverything"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This business is almost extinct. Very few physical locations exist and I believe those are all franchises. It was a low paying job with no expectation of paying you much unless you sold literally everything people didn't want or need.Got to help people with electronic issues of all kindsLiterally never off the clock"

KC says

"I purchased two transistor radios (one analog and one digital) based upon my experience of growing up during the 1970s with Tandy/Radio Shack products. Note for anyone thinking of purchasing these radios -- they are cheap junk. They sound tinny and are full of static. The reason I am writing this however, is to alert people to the fraud being practiced on their website. 1. When you click on an item to obtain more details, the statement "Hurry up, only X number of items left in stock." If you place your mouse over the picture of the product a few times, the number of items in stock will decrease. If you leave the site, and then return, the number increases and then decreases again. 2. If you write a review and it is less than 4 or 5 stars, it will never appear. I guess they allow 4 star reviews so it looks like they are honest? Radio Shack is now owned by some conglomerate which now also owns a number of other defunct or nearly defunct companies, so if they have your email address, expect to receive several messages daily from these organizations, even if you never visited them in the past."

Lisa says

"Not the best. Def prefer best buy"

Mike Valentino says

"I own a Celestron telescope, and for Christmas my son gave me a Celestron SkyPortal Wifi Adapter, which has an RJ12 6P6C 6-pin male end which plugs into an auxiliary port on the telescope. Unfortunately, Celestron has a clearance design flaw such that when the Skyportal Wifi Adapter is plugged into the auxiliary port on the telescope, it’s prone to being hit by the telescope body when slewing. So, the natural solution to this problem was to secure an RJ12 6p6c Female-to-Male LAN Network Ethernet Extension Cable. sells these for $8, and had I purchased it, it would have arrived today and there would be no issue. Instead, I thought that I would go to Radio Shack here in Monroe, and give local business my money – even if it cost a little more. Radio Shack didn’t have this item or a comparable item. However the store clerk (I believe the owner, David Gombosi) told me that I could “make it work” by purchasing a 6-pin RJ-25/RJ-11/RJ-14 telephone line cord (25’ long) and a CAT5 in-line coupler, which is 8-pin. He told me that this coupler would work because the 6-pin cable will only use the center 6 pins. Total cost: $24.24 including tax. I was hesitant to purchase for two reasons: Price and I didn’t know this would work in lieu of the shorter, standard RJ12 6p6c Female-to-Male LAN Network Ethernet Extension Cable. Plus I was unsure of the 8-pin coupler that the Radio Shack clerk showed me. I asked him, “Are you sure this will work?” He said, “Yes.” So, I purchased the items for 3X the cost that I could have ordered on Amazon because (A) the clerk assured me that the items would work and (B) I wanted to keep purchases local. Last night, I tried the items and it didn’t work. Whether it was the 8-pin coupler or the 25’ of RJ-25/11/14 cable that was the culprit, or both… I do not know. I drove back to Radio Shack this morning to return the items with original packaging. The clerk (actually two clerks and I believe one is the store owner) told me there were no returns “because of covid-19”. I said “What? I paid $24 for these items yesterday and you assured me these would work but they don’t work. What am I supposed to do now?” The clerk told me that he could “exchange” the items. I responded, “Are you kidding me? Exchange them for what? You didn’t have what I needed but told me these items in substitution would work. They don’t work. So, what are you going to exchange them with?” Both clerks just looked at me dumbfounded. I then told them their policy of no returns should be posted, somewhere. One of the clerks told me it was on my receipt. I told the clerk(s), “A lot of good that does me, since I only get a receipt after I purchase, at which point I can no longer return the items according to your covid policy”. They both just stood there and said nothing. Again I said that “You assured me this would work, that I was never told at the time I was being directed to these items that if they didn’t work I couldn’t return them, there are no postings in the store stating that there are no returns.” I then grabbed the items (which the one clerk had touched – so much for the covid precaution) and left the store. To say that I am upset and disappointed in Radio Shack is the understatement of the year. I purchase many items from Radio Shack, but no longer. Your store policy, annunciation of that policy, and customer service is the worst I have seen in quite a while. I was willing to spend 3X the amount I could have paid for the correct item online with Amazon because I wanted to give Radio Shack the business and keep it local. Drove 16 miles round trip twice, and all I wanted was my money back."

Larry MacMillan says

"April 30th ,10:00 am,, I contacted the store in Inverness Fl,about a iPhone repair, The Mgr informed me that The Hernando Store does all Repairs, so I drive the 35 minutes only to find it Closed, I called the Inverness store,told him it's closed, He said, drive over here and Drop it off, so I do. I walked in, He asked if I had a Mask, I said no, He points to the front of store, I figured Masks were hanging somewhere for Customers, I look but don't see any, so I asked if He Had any for Customers, he said No,,Get Out! I was shocked, He wasn't Polite about it. I'm at least 15 ft away from him, So I ask if I can put the Phone on the other counter with my Info,and leave, He again said, NO,,GET OUT!! I'm like, wow, he is rude. As I leave, a lady is coming in without a mask, so I gave her a heads up about the mask, didn't want her to get yelled at, she had one in her car,, So I find a towel in my car, place it over my Mouth any go back in, I asked him if this will work? He said No,,Get Out. Then tells me to drive back over to Hernando, someone is There, I said No,,you told me to come here, I'm not driving back to Hernando, He Yells Get Out!! By this time, I've had enough of his Rudeness, I told him to go to Effing Hell I did Absolutely Nothing wrong to deserve his Rudeness. So, I drive back to Hernando Store anyway, only to find it Closed still. Not only was a Rude, But Flat out Lied to me. I called Corporate, have Emailed think Multiple Times, and Have not Heard anything from them. Today is May 16th. I will never walk into that or any other Radio Shack store again. The Manager is Not Nice at all. Beware."

Ben says

"Radio Shack has just lost a customer for life over a $4-$5 dollar item. On 01-23-2014 I went to this radio shack to return a coax cable worth about $4-$5. I didn't have a receipt and was happy getting a store credit. But the lady behind the counter said she needed to find my exact purchase record in order to give the credit. Really? Then after waiting for her to search the system and her checking my credit cards, she said since my purchase was not within 30 days, I simply could not return the item. This item was brand new in the packaging, only a few dollars, and I can't get a store credit for it??? I just left the item on the counter and left without the credit. That's how much that item is worth. Radio Shack and this lady are ridiculous. In this market when every other company offers convenient anytime returns, no questions asked, Radio Shack is an atrocity to consumers. Save yourself from the "I don't care about you and don't need your business" attitude at Radio Shack, and go shop at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, etc., etc."

Tj DuszikDrevenak says

"I purchased a ZTE Muve phone from Radio shack, The service man also recommended I purchase the 2 YEAR extended warranty. He said for 2 years it would cover anything that the manufacture would not cover, including, theft, loss, broken, washed, dried, dropped in a toilet, etc....After only 5 months, I accidentally left my phone in the rain. I went back to Radioshack to exchange my phone as promised! And NOW to be told "I'M sorry we switched warentee's and no longer carry that one, We now carry the "IT HAPPENS warranty" So they can't help me? WHAT A RIP OFF! I dont care who you switched to, They should of contacted me and at least offer me the option to purchase the new one, or as I believe honor my contract and the 2 yr warranty that I purchased. SO all you people who purchased a phone and warranty from Radioshack, you should know that your NO LONGER Covered! Is this how radioshack rips their customers off? collect money for warranty's and then change their insurance providers every other month? I WILL NEVER BUY FROM RADIOSHACK AGAIN! I WANT MY NEW PHONE AND MY WARRANTY HONORED AS PROMISED From: Terry (Brook Park)"

Belinda Moreno Mermer says

"Radio shack charged me for 1 yr warrenties on all MY purchases without my ok, and WILL NOT REFUND my $ on the products i returned so now i have warrenties on products I dont own!"

Jasper says

"Generally, store reps lack technical understanding and are totally untrained. This is not my father's RadioShack. Knowledge they lack, Here at Rodio Shack Stay away from their crew Before you get screw"

Carlos Armando Chavez Lopez says

"-Bought a standard microphone -Plug the microphone -Played Fortnite -Plugged out the microphone -Plugged again the next day -didn't work -Disarm it to try to fix it -Found a little sand bag -found out that it was used to increase the weight so make the customer think that it's a quality product. -send a mail to RadioShack -Block me"

Robert says

"Tried to return my bababooey and they wouldn't take it back because it was long in the tooth"

Dan Caravan says

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